Time’s A Wastin’ If You Have No Direction

Thoughts on starting 2014 out right.

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind


“Whenever you exit planet Earth, your grave will bear a marker of time – a tombstone or memorial plaque. What is found on most? The dates of your birth and death. Life is what happens in the “dash” between the two.”
David H. McKinley in The Search for Significance

Where are you heading? Do you know? Have you made plans for the upcoming years? The next twelve months? This week? Today?

Important questions that deserve adequate time and attention. Without “on paper” goals…those passing “pipe dreams” frequently die a quick death at the first sign of opposition or the slightest, most incidental setback.

Everyone knows a person whose dreams are routinely larger than life, these individuals are colorfully over the top with excitement, enthusiasm, and are enthralled with the “idea” of some far-removed notion of success. While it’s fun (and amusing) to watch such theatrics, if we’re honest, we’re pretty…

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