Only the Wounded Can Serve

With four funerals in a single week…my heart is heavy, heavy. And yet, I’m seeing this principle come into play…people encouraging other people. Folks stepping in and stepping up to come alongside those whose hearts are breaking. Somehow…that lessens the sorrow and even lifts my heart.

Navigating the Friendship Maze: The Path to Authentic Friendship

Last week I received the nicest email from a reader, but one word she used to describe my recent posts kept creeping up in my mind. Her words, which greatly encouraged me were, “I’ve been reading with great interest your articles on suffering...”

Of course, the term I honed in on was her description of my topics of late.


I thought to myself… I need to lighten up.

And of course, as life has it, as soon as I decide to look for light and breezy, I come across something heavy that I just can’t wait to share with readers.

Here’s an upfront apology of sorts and a promise to lighten up in the coming days…so bear with me as I share this last “heavy” topic.

Suffering makes hearts tender and gives us greater love for others. Randy Alcorn

Alcorn, a long-time diabetic…

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