Tiggers Don’t Climb Trees (Without Talk Therapy) — and Neither Do We

Go search out your favorite Tigger today.

Empty Nest, What's Next? Parenting Adult Children Without Losing Your Mind

Well, it’s official now since WebMD writes about a clinical study that has proven that “talk therapy” combined with exercise can help reduce chronic pain in those suffering from any variety of illnesses involving ongoing daily pain.

Not to undermine this article or WebMD for running it…but I would have thought this conclusion (and the connection between exercising and talking through one’s problems with someone who cares) would be obvious.

Talk Therapy.

I’ve been engaging in it for years.


Exercise every day to strengthen the physical body.
Talk every day to strengthen the emotional/mental body

I took for granted that everyone knew this RX formula and that everyone took advantage of it.

Then I read another statistic that troubled me.

Most Americans can only cite one good friend in their lives with whom they would share intimate struggles and concerns. One?…

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