When Getting Back Up Makes a World of Difference


Beloved best-selling fiction and more recently, non-fiction author, Debbie Macomber, has written a book that is sure to put the bloom back in readers’ hearts and lives. Her new title, One Perfect Word: One Word Can Make All the Difference, demonstrates how selecting a single word at the beginning of each year (or season) can alter a life forever.

One of Macomber’s previous word choices is “passion” and she shares how reaching for that which she is most passionate about has caused her to blossom and grow as a person and as a writer. As she delved into the depths of passion’s many definitions, Macomber found fresh direction and renewed strength to go after her dreams.

In every way, this writer began to thrive and flourish. In her text, Macomber shares with readers how they too, can find their passion by asking a few introspective questions (answering them) and then acting upon them — with passion.

1. What invokes your feeling of “sehnsucht” or inconsolable longing?
2. What one desire have you never put in words?
3. Make a quick list of twenty (without editing yourself) things you’d love to do if you had the time, money, and support you needed.
4. Now, pick five that resonate most and ask yourself, “What’s stopping me?”
5. Next, choose one or two of these dreams and write a solution for the roadblock.
6. Look for the solutions instead of focusing on the problems, then act on making your passion a possibility.

I’m getting started on my list right now. 🙂


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