Let Your Passion Push You


“Connecting is a philosophy of life, a worldview. Its guiding principle is that people, all people, every person you meet, is an opportunity to help and be helped.”
Keith Ferrazzi in Never Eat Alone

The driving force behind a company, an idea, a product, or even a person’s underlying motivation for getting up each morning is passion.

Every individual, every organization must have at its core a basic compelling incentive to work, to be successful, to see an objective (be it private or public) reached. Keith Ferrazzi author of Never Eat Alone, offers myriad practical steps for reaching one’s personal and professional goals.

At first glance, readers might wonder at Ferrazzi’s motivation. Is it solely to sell books, up his personal net worth, and create an avalanche of buzz for his own company? Certainly. Both yes and no.

And still, despite some who might deem parts of Ferrazzi’s whole as disingenuous thus dismissing his entire posit as worthless self-serving chatter, a closer look unveils the heart and (genius) of Ferrazzi’s twofold message.

Personal and professional success is by definition, necessarily elastic.

One person’s private life goals and the ability to measure such attainment are not always in sync with those nearest him. Money, power, fast-track career advancement and the like are not everyone’s “draw”…others find the most satisfaction in using their talents and abilities to best serve community, offsetting the neediness of the less fortunate with their own personal bounty.

Your crowning achievement may look different on the outside than mine but we share a single unifying element…to see the attainment of our respective objectives, and to do so we must be passionate believers in our cause.

So as Ferrazzi says, be smart, make connections, work hard…but with the same drive…care about others as much (if not more) as you do yourself. As decision makers in business, education, and medicine reach beyond their “wannabe” it’s all about me mindset…everyone benefits.

Concludes Ferrazzi, “Our strength comes from what we do and know cumulatively. The fact is, no one gets ahead in this world without a lot of help.” So why do individuals take the time to connect? To advance careers, no question. Yet those who do so with heartfelt sincerity discover a boon of relational benefits on the path to professional achievement.

Connecting with Character: Private and Professional

* Engender loyalty – be forthright in every conversation, speak the truth without embellishment, add-ons, or inventive unrealistic offers.

* Establish trust – be willing to live and work with reasonable transparency…others will appreciate the courage it takes to live life “real.”

* Espouse “interchangeable” relationships – every enduring relationship relies on the skillful dance of give/take. One day you lead, the next you follow.

* Be humble – realize there is always something of value you can learn from another person.

* Ask for help – tap into the expertise, skill, and experience of those who are farther along the path than you.

* Give help before being asked. Look for ways to advance others around you by listening well and anticipating their needs/wants.


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