What a Wonderful World


I’m not sure about you…but lately, I haven’t been thinking that this IS such a wonderful world.

Have you?

Seems like everyone I talk to is upset and troubled about something (or many things…)

Life is not easy.
It’s not.

I suppose if you turned off all electronic devices (and I’d like to see anyone try and succeed for more than 48 hours) and cocooned yourself in your home with the bare necessities (and refused to take any phone calls or answer the door to anyone)…maybe, just maybe then, for a brief 60 seconds you might be able to fool yourself into thinking that all was well in the world.

The truth is…all is not well and we all know it.

So what do we do about it?

If you’re like me…you’re not —


Most folks aren’t (thankfully…but that’s another topic for another day.)

But, if you’re like me….you can do something today.


One little thing to make someone smile, to ease someone’s load, to bring a little laughter and hope.

That’s what I’m aiming for today (and to be honest…every day.)

Doing my one little thing.

How about you?


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