The Most Important “Shout Out” of All


Gratitude is not the quiet game.
It begs to be expressed, both to God and to others.
Silent gratitude is of no use to others.
Berthe Stern

Yesterday concluded a thirteen week study of the book, Trusting God, by Jerry Bridges.

To say that I needed this particular message pounded into my heart and mind during this particular summer would be a gross understatement.

But I did.
I still do.
I always will.

Circumstances being what they are…I’ve been realizing over and over again that I’m not equipped with what I need to cope with the major (and minor) stresses coming at me.

Ever feel that way?

As we concluded our in-depth study on trusting God…no matter what…the author made an excellent point. Bridges noted that when we learn to submit (and trust God) with all the little problematic issues of life, then we are equipped to (because of habit and practice) turn over the biggies to His loving care.

I agree.

So, once again, learning to give a “shout out” of thanks to God (and to those in our lives who make our lives more livable) we are also adopting an attitude of thanksgiving.

As Bridges writes…

Thanksgiving is an admission of dependence.

Ponder that statement for awhile…and then give thanks that it is true.


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