Harvest Time…Any Time

fallIn some areas of the country, communities host fall harvest festivals where they trade seeds, information, and tips to make their gardens grower stronger, richer, and so they’ll yield more produce each upcoming season.

Others places, people host harvest parties to simply gather and give thanks for their many blessings they’ve received throughout the year. Either way, sharing what we’ve been given or what we’ve learned benefits not only our neighbors but us as well.

But before people can pass on what they’ve received, they have stop and consider the good that’s already playing out in their lives. Important: you can’t harvest what you don’t recognize as a benefit or blessing.

Easier said than done when you’re a person who is simply trying to muster the energy to make it through another day. And yet, everyone can cite at least a few positives in their lives despite obvious (and often glaring) hardships…things can always be worse. They can.

The first step to bringing in a harvest of gratefulness that will in turn produce its own bountiful crop of emotional and mental goodness is to pause long enough to pay attention.

Stop, consider, and give thanks. For everyone, for everything, for even the smallest measure of goodwill or kindness extended your way, take a moment and say a word of thanks, to someone.

Next, make it a habit to look for ways to spend your harvest on others by investing yourself in them, giving your gifts of time, talents, and goods to lighten another’s load.

You’ll see…you’ll truly begin to see people for who they are on the inside…best part, they’ll begin to see the real you too.

What are simple ways to share your harvest?

· Open your eyes to what’s around you and look for the positive, the good (this is the only way you’ll find it).
· Once you identify something, share this discovery with at least one other person.
· Express your gratitude by finding some way to pass on a portion of what you’ve received to someone else (joy shared is doubled joy).


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