Falling Down and Getting Back Up Again


Two days ago I was minding my own business when someone dared me to climb a tree in our yard.

I couldn’t say no.

I looked at the tree and thought, yep, I can do that (which comes from watching too many reality shows…and forgetting how old one is…)

The bet was on…$10.00 said I couldn’t do it.

It never occurred to me to be afraid I might hurt myself.

I had my sights on getting up that tree and ten bucks is ten bucks.

Well, I got part way up…scraped up my arms and legs and dropped back down in defeat. Sadness.

Then my daughter came over and swung herself up with ease.

I tried again.

I got my foot stuck…so there I am hanging piteously and I can’t get down (or up)…and I start laughing (even though it wasn’t funny.)

My daughter starts supporting me then my husband runs over and pushes me up, up, up until my foots gets unhinged (and still I’m laughing.)

Needless to say, I lost the bet.

But I learned something…what we watch others do with ease sometimes takes a whole lot more strength (and courage) than we might think.

Sometimes, real courage is just getting up in the morning and trying again.

PS. I may have lost the bet…but the winners went out and bought me a to-die-for chocolate turtle oozing with gooey caramel with the money…so I guess I didn’t lose so much after all other than my dignity. 🙂


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