The Ultimate Career — Home Making

homemakerOkay, before someone sends me a nasty email (or text) about this photo, let me explain why I chose it for the caption and subject of today’s post.

It’s true.

It is.

From the beginning of time, creating a viable home environment is what motivated both men and women alike.

Way back when, women spent the bulk of their days cooking, cleaning, and rearing the children.

Way back when, men spent the bulk of their days finding the stuff for the women to cook, providing a shelter, and fending off various dangers of all shapes and sizes.

Whatever role you take on, whether you are male or female, it’s pretty likely that you’re still trying to create a viable, healthy, and safe home environment.

And you don’t need to have borne children to do it either.

I think we sometimes take for granted that the most important job on earth is taking care of other people.

Be they little people or big people…taking care of and watching over other people is what makes our world go round.

Don’t believe it?

Think about what motivates you to get up in the morning and go to work (in the home or outside of it).

My guess is that there are some very special people(s) who are behind why you do what you do.

Home making — it is the ultimate career.


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