What Am I Getting Myself Into?


Last year I wrote a short post about September being my New Year’s Day resolution date.

So as September first looms closer, I’m doing what most people do in late December…start thinking about what “new” changes, habits, activities…that I want to incorporate into my life and schedule.

As odd as it seems, September seems to be the perfect time of year for do-overs.

Or…do-betters. 🙂

Which brings up the subject never far from my mind — volunteering.

I’m one of those people who sees a great volunteer program presented and before the speaker has finished pitching their idea I’ve already signed up in my mind.

Then reality hits and I start listing the hindrances to actually volunteering in whatever program I’ve just said yes to mentally.

I wonder if anyone else ever does that?

Although I do get a little too-eager at times, I believe it’s important for everyone to find one place where they give their time and talents on a regular basis.

There’s something wonderful about giving what you can (or what you have available) to someone else.

As the recipient of countless acts of goodwill over the years, I know how it feels to be on the receiving end of generosity…how blessed I feel when someone steps up to help me out, lend me a hand, offer to ease my load, and walk beside me.

It heartens ME.

So right now with all that goodwill running rampant through my memory banks, I’m spending some time thinking (and praying) about this fall and how I can make the most of my time (and energy.)

Like everyone I know, my schedule already feels full to overflowing…but like everyone I know, I know that we make time for what is most important to us.

And how we spend our hours and days (just like how we spend our money) reveals what we treasure most.

I love the words on this photo…volunteers don’t have any more time than anyone else…they just have more heart. Love it!


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