Savoring the Moment Before Moving On

coffeemugI got up early (not by choice, rather by my automatic midlife hormonal inner-alarm-clock) and tiptoed into the kitchen (so as not to awaken other still-sleeping members of the household) and inhaled the most fragrant aroma.

Coffee beans from the Finger Lakes.


I look at it this way…if I can’t sleep…then there’s always coffee.

Again, very quietly, I got out the coffee bean grinder, grabbed the paper bag of beans, and stole into another part of the house to grind the beans quietly…

Ahh…the aroma of those heavenly beans.

Five minutes later, I sit with the perhaps the most delicious cup of coffee ever. Ever.

As I savor this moment, I’m reflecting on some other savory-worthy moments of this summer.

In no particular order, here they are:

* Discovering that Pinterest now alerts you when you try to re-pin a new photo.
* The moment when I hit, “send” on my book’s manuscript.
* Being in the right place and time to share a rare skyping visit with my daughter and her boyfriend serving in Afghanistan.
* Relishing every single bite from a lunch at Pearls Restaurant near Traverse City…especially the Cherry Bread Pudding.
* Spying a photo of my grandson riding a trike sans diaper…just when I really needed a good laugh.
* Meeting my son’s girlfriend for the first time.
* Spending a hot Tuesday afternoon indoors with my parents watching a movie before a delicious dinner out.
* Visiting with my cousin from Texas and laughing, laughing, laughing.
* Studying a powerful book with a group of terrific women every Thursday morning to keep me grounded.

After reviewing this list, I’m going to stop complaining about how fast my summer flew by and start giving thanks for every single savory moment I’ve enjoyed.

How about you?

PS. You were right, Jen. This coffee is to die for… 🙂


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