Rereading for Fresh Revelation


Sometimes I pick up a book and realize midway through that I’ve already read it…ever done that?

I’ll see a quote from a particular author or read a phrase and my interest is piqued so I’ll either buy the book, borrow one from a friend, or request a copy from my local library (and yes, this is a shameless plug for keeping libraries strong in our communities.)

Once I start reading, more often than not, I’ll start recalling specific wording, quotes that made me stop and think, and suddenly I realize I not only read the book I’m holding in my hands…I reviewed it as well. So much for believing I still have a terrific memory!

In any case, once I realize I’ve already read the book I start rereading it and hunting afresh for the treasures inside. It’s quite exciting honestly.

Let me explain.

When you pick up a book for the second or third or fourth time…you have the opportunity to see where you’ve changed since you last read it. This is the perfect chance to review not only the truths and principles found inside its covers…but to review how you’ve personally applied those same truths and principles in your life.

When you realize you’ve already immersed yourself in this book…it’s like a gentle shower of revelation pouring over you…the softest, kindest rain.

Rather than coming away bored…a rereading of a favorite book will leave you energized and excited and encouraged.

So next time you go to your personal library (and I’m hoping every single person has one) don’t pass over books you’ve already read…reread them.

Some you’ll relish all over again.
Others you’ll realize you’ve outgrown.
Maybe a few you’ll now recognize you don’t even agree with.

But every one has a message for you.

Just like the rain…falling gently upon us…so the words can come to change our lives. And in the midst of words, God often comes to change us as well.

PS. The book I’m rereading right now? Make Me Like Jesus: The Courage to Pray Dangerously by Michael Phillips. And yes, I reviewed this title years ago and happened upon a quote from it a couple of weeks ago. I’m almost done with my reread and discovering the same passages that struck me years ago are still resonating with me today.


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