What Will You Wear Today?


Last week, early in the week, I wrote about getting caught up with everything that’s been happening this summer through my blog posts…then, as it often happens, life got in the way.

So, here I am again, considering (with not a little frustration) how to share in a logical, orderly manner all that has been rumbling around in my heart and mind these past three months. After all, summer is almost over…and for the first time in a long time, I’m breathing a sigh of relief.

2014 has not been what I expected. Like most people, I was anticipating just getting through the holiday season with body and mind intact. Then, I hoped for a reprieve before spring arrived. It wasn’t to be. Finally, I kept looking ahead to summer really, truly believing that I could recreate one of those hazy, lazy summers of my childhood. Didn’t happen.

In fact, these past months have gone by so fast, they are a blur to me even now. And, I’ve found that when I get too busy, I have a difficult time slowing down (on the inside) when given the opportunity.

And that is never a good sign because when I get too busy for my own good…one of the first set of clothes I cast off are the following expressions of a contented life.


Instead, and to my shame, I exhibit these ragged, shoddy, difficult to get comfortable in replacements.


Who can say UGLY?

I know this about myself…I require time (alone time) to stop and consider all that I’ve been given so that I am clothed in a manner suited to give back.

So, today I’m slowing down (even though my to-do list is sort of scary) and taking time to breath in and out, in and out, in and out.


And, hopefully come tomorrow morning, the first thing I’ll reach for in my closet won’t be a pair of running shoes. 🙂


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