Just Being There Is Enough


With the sea to look at, with its ever-changing motion and colors and the rhythms of the waves and tide, you didn’t need to say anything. Just being there was enough. Michael Phillips

The last few months I’ve spent the bulk of my writing time…well, writing.

I signed a new book contract in April (quite happily with Bondfire Books) and since then have been plugging away at the manuscript (which is now completed and at the publishers as they delete/replace/edit and in every way…refine my work so as to make it shine.)

As I wrote this new text, I realized that I was becoming a slacker with my blog. I just didn’t have the creative energy (or time) to fully devote myself to the book and the blog at the same time. For that, I apologize.

Now that the book is complete, I’m going to play catch up and attempt to capture the last few months’ happenings through my upcoming blog posts (but not today.)

Today, I’m walking down to the beach and settling back with a great book and just enjoying another author’s words as they transport me to another place, another time…for a time.

Like yours (I’m sure,) my summer has gone too fast and hasn’t been anything like those lazy, hazy days of summer I experienced as a kid.

But just for today…I’m stopping long enough to clear my head, rest my body, and just be here. It’s enough.


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