I Talk To Myself, Do You?


I talk to myself.

Do you?

Of course, when I read this comical statement about people who talk to themselves as being smart, I thought, I’ll take that.

I think there’s a problem though when we don’t realize we are talking to ourselves…or when we don’t realize how we talk to ourselves changes our attitudes.

Case in point –

My oldest daughter whose bedroom was right above our kitchen area would tell me she thought someone was in the kitchen with me because she could hear me carrying on a conversation with myself. Hmm. Interesting.

My youngest daughter, still living at home, tells me I talk to myself all the time (her bedroom is beneath our kitchen area.)

So, it’s either me getting excited about food and talking about it in my kitchen…or I talk to myself all through the house and don’t realize it.

In any case, my daughters’ observations made me stop and think about what I was actually saying out loud.

Was I speaking words that built into my life and others? Or was I grumbling, complaining, moaning and groaning about life in general?

Whether or not anyone else hears what I have to say is irrelevant because I hear myself and God hears me.

I really, really appreciated this little quote by Ruth Bell Graham’s daughter today because it reminded of something I heard many years ago.

Garbage in, garbage out.

So all my talking out loud doesn’t mean I’m crazy…it doesn’t make me smart either. What matters is what I’m putting into this head of mine and what I’m thinking about and verbalizing all through my days.

I remember her Bible always open in a convenient place — the kitchen counter, her bedside table, beside the sofa, or even on the ironing board. In this way, she could quickly glean a promise or memorize a verse as she continued her work. Gigi Graham about her mother, Ruth Bell Graham


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