What Lefties Contend With Every Single Day

fantasticdayI never considered myself as handicapped because I was leftie…that is until I read this funny little essay on the trials and tribulations of left-handed folks such as myself.

As I read down the list, I started remembering how I did feel like nothing quite fit when I tried to use these various pieces of equipment or tools…it’s funny now…but back then you could have seen me looking quizzically at each of these uncomfortable (to lefties) situations and trying to figure out how they worked with my left-handedness.

More often than not, they didn’t work so I improvised (and some will say I’ve been doing that ever since.) 😉

Of course, pounding a square peg into a round hole isn’t the best example of creative improvision…but sometimes you discover novel ways of doing everyday stuff that surprises you (and me!) While lefties don’t have it easy, I’m convinced that because we have to figure out things more, we develop that creative side of our brain too…which is a very good thing.

Just for fun check out this fun link on the Worst 18 Things for Left-Handed Folks.


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