Me and My Gang — Never Travel Far Without Them


I have an ongoing inside joke with one of my closest friends where we jokingly text each other on “one of those days” with one of two words.


Depending on the day (and our mood) we become one of these infamous fictional female gun-totters. Of course, it’s just a joke but it clues both of us in on how the other is doing that day and then we react in kind to support each other.

That’s just one of the great things about female friendships…you don’t always need a lot of words to convey a lot of meaning. In fact, sometimes just a look will do the job. (Or a single word text.)

Which is why I’m so grateful to have a small “gang” of my own to call friends.

Fall, winter, spring, or summer…doesn’t really matter what season we’re in or what holiday we’re celebrating…rejoicing in the friendships we share with others is always the “gift that keeps on giving.” This is especially true for females.

Women and our friendships: Their solidarity is confounding, given they often agree and disagree in equal measure yet their loyalty pronounces a unity that can’t be disputed. Good friends won’t let each other fall too far. They have each other’s backs. They feel each other’s pain. They sometimes feel like a pain, true enough. And still, when the losses tally up, women rally to one another’s sides and they secure the gap with a commitment so tenacious it can be startling to onlookers as well as the women themselves.

Women reach out and secure one another. They reach under and lift up. They reach around and hold tight. Surrounded by such a safety net and secured by unconditional love, no wonder that women fare better than their male counterparts in wake of similarly devastating circumstances. It’s true; there is indeed safety in numbers.

Author Sarah Zacharias Davis observes how even after traumatic loss, the language of friendships can offer something precious, not to replace the loss mind you, but to circumvent some measure of the hurt.

“Friendship love speaks of listening, honesty, forgiveness, giving the benefit of the doubt, and sacrifice. It is standing and declaring publicly, ‘This is my friend.’”

Real friends make a woman feel safe, in season and out.

For sure.


2 thoughts on “Me and My Gang — Never Travel Far Without Them

  1. So appreciated this post, Michele. Friendships are powerful, and sometimes come from unexpected places. Thanks as always for the incisive writing!

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