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Capture the Moment and Move On


A couple of weeks ago I posted about getting over the mental hurdle of entering a television studio for the first time in years. Well, the interview ran this past Saturday and here it is…proof that I am a fallible, imperfect, mistake-making person.

Yep…painful to watch yourself in action.

So, truth to tell, I haven’t even watched it.

In all honesty, I most likely won’t.


Because if I don’t like what I see/hear from myself….I probably won’t say yes to another television offer.

Still, I’m excited and grateful for the opportunity to share the message of my book and I hope you’ll consider taking time to share it with your friends too.

As the photo states…I’m capturing the moment and moving on.

I think it’s a very good development that I’m able to laugh at myself these days. 🙂

Making healthy choices and caring for an elderly relative – Toledo (OH) News, Weather and Sports.


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