That Extra Two Percent – Giving It Your All (plus a little bit more)

makeadifference“Good, better, best; never let it rest till your good is better and your better is best.”

What difference does that little bit of “extra” make? Does it count? Can you quantify it? Measure it? Bottle it? Afraid you won’t be able to keep pace with it once you’ve demonstrated your finest stuff?

Asked another way, can anyone really tell if you’ve given your all or maybe fudged a bit and only meted out a decent (respectable) day’s effort? Who can accurately say if a person has put in the additional time, effort, and attention required to tip the scales beyond mediocrity? In truth, only you can.

We all know if we’ve done our level best. And we shirk from those memories when we chose not to follow through to greatness. When we go that extra mile, it feels good to know we’ve exceeded what has been expected of us. Who doesn’t appreciate this inner-pat-on-the-back following a job well done? Even a two percent add-on can make a world of difference on the job, at home, and well, anywhere you decide to invest yourself. Could be a hobby, that volunteer position, or simply remaking an acquaintance type relationship into a genuine friendship.

For any hard-headed, crunch the numbers, cynical types out there who decry the notion that no one really pays attention to that extra couple of percent…let’s take at a look at the numbers (because numbers speak for themselves). Say a young person starts out with an investment of $500.00 at 10% interest compounded continuously from age seven to age eighteen; they’d come up with a meager $1502.08. However, by age 62, this amount grows to $122,346.00 and by age 72 it’s worth $332,571.00. Nice return over the long haul. Let’s take the same scenario and change only one factor. Instead of a 10% interest, up the ante to 12%…. a minuscule two percent increase. Given the same timeframes this initial investment of $500.00 is now worth: $1871.00 then $367,548.00 and finally, $1,220,300.00 respectively. Note the difference. Note the principle.

Give a little, get a little. Give a lot; get a whole lot more.

Another life truism: it truly is the “little” things that make the most difference. Embracing a consistent attitude of pursuing excellence in all areas will naturally spill over, multiply, and advance any project or purpose.

This doesn’t necessary mean monetary returns…but since when did money mean more than quality of life, inner satisfaction, and a good conscience. Never did, never will. So at day’s end, give it your all, and be able to gladly mark the day as one well spent and wisely invested.


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