What’s Making Me Laugh These Days

duckdynastyA couple of weeks ago, one of my daughters introduced me to a television program that has me laughing out loud.

Okay, I’m from Michigan and the closest thing to Southern anything is when my favorite cousin visits here and I hear his Southern drawl (which I find quite endearing.)

So when someone says, “redneck” I almost have to think for minute and picture in my mind’s eye what they might mean.

That, however, is no longer a problem because I’ve been educated in all the ways of redneck living by watching Duck Dynasty.

Call me kooky, I don’t care. This show is hilarious and I can’t get enough of it.


Let me list the many reasons why I love it.

It’s funny.
It’s clean humor.
It’s full of crazy antics no one in their right mind would try at home.
It’s got lots of warmth and love.
It’s always got an underlying life message.
It’s not afraid of telling the truth.
It’s shamelessly politically incorrect.

And every episode ends with the family sitting at a table full of food (I would never touch like squirrel brains) holding hands and thanking the good Lord for the day’s blessings.

Love it.

And in a world gone crazy…there’s something very comforting about watching a real family live their crazy life, their faith, without apology.

In fact, I love this show so much, I told my daughter I want to buy one of their duck calls just to support them…and believe me, I have no need of a duck call. None. Whatsoever.


One thought on “What’s Making Me Laugh These Days

  1. I will have to give that show another try. So many people I know love it. I’ve only seen parts of it a couple of times and it was so silly, I couldn’t keep watching. Maybe I judged too quickly. 😀

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