What Laughter Can Do…For You

whatlaughtercandoA little smile goes a long way.

A little laughter goes even farther.

And in the last 48 hours I’ve had lots of reasons to laugh.

1) After enduring (yes, enduring the correct adjective here) another two full hours in the dentist’s chair staring at the ceiling while my faithful and oh-so-skilled dentist yanked on my (already loose) jaw so hard he broke out in a sweat, I left his office with my wonderful temporary bridge in place. Oh happy day, I can really smile again. 🙂

2) After waiting for a number of years to see my favorite Texas cousin again, he visited our home last night and we shared lots of childhood memories, laughs, and even some bittersweet moments. But overall, we just smiled so much my mouth was cramping and sore after he left. Smile.


It’s good for our bodies.
It’s good for our souls.
It’s good for our relationships.

Laughter…it’s simply a very good gift. 🙂


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