Blessed to Bless


Praying to be blessed? Or praying to be a blessing? John Sloan

When I read this quote this morning, it stopped me.


Because I had just gotten done praying…and if I’m honest I spent way more time asking to be blessed than to be a blessing.


Not that God doesn’t want to listen to all my heart’s desires, hopes, dreams, and burdens, struggles, and fears…but…I do know this…when I start out my day focusing —

Upward and then Outward….everything goes a lot smoother.

I also know that the more I get my mind off of me…the less I’m thinking self-centered, fearful thoughts like:

What does he think of me?
Will I embarrass myself?
What do I look like today?
Will she reject me?

Sickening isn’t it? How we can be so focused on getting the blessing we miss out on the greater joy of being the blessing to others!

I’m talking to myself here.


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