Sequencing: A Most Necessary Emotional Release Valve

“…One of the greatest life lessons you can ever learn is to enjoy life through the process of attaining your goals.”
David D. Ireland, PH.D. in Secrets of a Satisfying Life

On any given day, women across the nation will be caught daydreaming of tomorrow. Not that daydreaming is a bad exercise; sometimes the most winning plans have been hatched during these mental wanderings. The kind of musing that hinders rather than helps is different. This troublesome visitor incites disappointment, frustration, and impatience. It never allows for the beauty of current life to hold sway.

While there might not be any hard evidence to this fact, it’s pretty clear that society in general places a weighty amount of pressure for women to succeed on many levels, both personal and professional. Today’s woman will necessarily hold multiple roles, each one vying for her attention and interest. If she’s smart, she recognizes the fact that today’s responsibilities do not define her life as a whole. Life can change in an instant, and often does. There is something to be said for getting into the rhythm of your days.

Viewing life, the few and far between glamorous moments with the more mundane, yet serviceable bulk of today as all worthwhile. Everything we do in the next twenty-four hours, prepares us in some measure for tomorrow. Whether we long for greatness in some obscure professional field or simply hanker to excel at gardening matters little. Our focus, our intent, must be on giving our all today…toward whatever we turn our attention.

Sadly, countless individuals spend precious time wandering mentally into tomorrow’s unknown feeding their feelings of discontent that eventually overrides their good sense. Yes, today’s difficulties do take a toll. Still, armed with the right outlook, women can use these hardships as stepping-stones to future success. It’s all in the viewpoint and the end goal. Learning to take everything in its turn enables women to invest in this day’s work while eyeing hopeful possibilities.

Author David Ireland reminds us that as we seek to live fully on this given day, “…the destination seems nearer and the view is more picturesque.” It is possible to be totally present in the now and still have a vision for tomorrow. It is!

The enemies of contentment:

· Exhaustion- mental, emotional, and physical, take care to daily balance work/rest.
· Purposelessness – dream big and then make practical plans.
· Unreasonable expectations – be satisfied with doing the best you can.
· Shortsighted Perspectives – today’s shortfall isn’t the last or final word.
· Selfishness – discipline yourself to look beyond your own wants/needs/desires.


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