The Sweetest Spot — The Necessary Commodity for an Uncommon Life

candy“Your life has a plot; your years have a theme. You can do something in a manner that no one else can. And when you find it and do it, another sweet spot is discovered.”
Max Lucado in Cure for the Common Life

Author and prolific storyteller, Max Lucado, has an acronym for discovering your “sweet spot.” But first, exactly what is a sweet spot? As defined by Lucado, it’s a God-given bent toward excellence in any area. It’s that ability inherent in a person, a certain knack for a specific task that confounds, frustrates and alludes those who lack it. What’s wonderful about this “born with it” talent is that it rests deep inside every one of us just waiting for chance or opportunity to display its brilliance. It may manifest itself through those subtle stirrings of inner-longing while observing another person happily basking in their own sweet spot of found “rightness.”

Sweet spots have been known to make an appearance, albeit a brief one, during casual conversation anytime, anywhere. All it takes is a bit of keen observation and a desire to bring together personal passion and desire with one’s innate gifts/talents. One of the benefits of discovering your sweet spot of complete satisfaction in both work and play is that the blessing you experience while engaging in the endeavor spills over to others in your life.

Back to Lucado’s formula for matching abilities by actively pursuing creative outlets with a person’s giftedness. This author describes the self-discovery process as S.T.O.R.Y, decoded to mean: individuals must identify their strengths by bringing to mind things they’ve done well in the past. Next, Lucado says people should determine what types of objects they enjoy working with, or, what are “nouns” or topics of interest.

Then, what optimal conditions incite personal passion and excitement? Are they people problems or task oriented challenges? Followed by a brief relationship examination, how do you function best, solo or in group settings. Last, find that specific job, task, (a)vocation, goal that rouses your inner “Yes!” and then take practical steps to achieve it.

As more and more individuals learn to accurately know and recognize their own “sweet spots” not only does the person benefit; the entire community is on the receiving end. What better than a family, town, or city full of people doing what they were made to do and loving every minute of it?

Max Lucado’s Sweet Spot S.T.O.R.Y. Formula

· Discover personal strengths.
· Find your desired topic.
· Locate the optimal conditions.
· Consider relationships.
· Finding that inner Yes!


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