Nothing Out of the Ordinary — and Grateful for It

sunriseWhen I was young, I craved excitement.

Now that I’m smack-dab in the middle of my life, I pretty much crave ordinary days…you know, those rare commodities when you don’t receive, read, or hear some heart wrenching news about someone near and dear to you or about someone far, far away and unknown to you personally.

Ordinary days.
They are priceless.
Here’s hoping today is one of them.

Elisabeth Elliot writes…On one of those terrible days during my husband’s cancer, when he could hardly bear the pain or the thought of yet another treatment, and I could hardly bear to bear it with him, we remarked on how wonderful it would be to have just a single ordinary day.

How many of us fail to express gratitude for those ordinary days, wishing instead for something better? If you’ve had a single ordinary day recently, why not thank God for it? Don’t wait for an extraordinary day when you feel wonderful and everything goes your way. That day may not come. And if it does, God’s hand will be no more in it than in all your other days. Randy Alcorn

Gratitude never comes from avoiding difficulty but from finding yourself sustained through it.


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