I Just Can’t Explain It


I feel like I just lost a week of my life.
I just can’t explain it.

But there it is…one whole week gone.

Finally, today (day eight) I’m getting some semblance of normalcy back because my body is starting to fight (and win) over this virus (took it long enough.)

In between sleeping or trying to sleep through the whole ordeal, I’ve been thinking which is never a good idea when you’re too sick to make sense of much that matters. Still, have mind, will race (or think.)

I would have loved to have turned off both my mind and body and just gone into limbo land but since I didn’t have that choice, I had to keep reminding myself to not think about:

how many appointments I had to cancel
how much work I was neglecting
how behind I was getting

In my head, my very muddled hurting head, I kept thinking one thing.


Which made me feel worse.

To say I lost my perspective would be an understatement.

Thankfully, my family kept reminding me that this was only temporary…and that I should lay low, get better, and be kind to myself.

Be kind to myself? I wanted to eject myself from me, the real me, and toss this sick, emotional, wretched person out of my life.

And then, just like my daughter said I would, I turned a little corner, slept a few hours straight, ate some real food, and my heart started to hope some too.

All that to say this, I can’t explain how or why the health of our physical bodies can so affect the way we see life…but it sure does.

Once we begin to feel some better, aren’t we just the most grateful people on the planet?

Grateful for —

Real food
A decent night’s sleep
Strength to do regular chores
Determination to carry on

It might come back slowly, but the inner strength, recovers just like the body does…one step at a time.

If nothing else, taking our turn being sick makes us far better comforters than those who don’t understand what it is to want to give up.

Given the comfort extended to me this past week, I want to pay it forward sooner rather than later (and that I can explain so that even a six-year-old can understand it.)

It is a very poor comforter who has never needed comforting. Charles Stanley


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