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Go Fly a Kite – And Find Your Vocation

bookboykiteLately, I’ve been spending too much time trying to decide if I want to stay in publishing or not.

I’ve been thrust backing into marketing (with a vengeance) because it’s my job (not my publisher’s) to see to it that every contact I have is alerted to the fact that I’ve got another book out.

A book, mind you, that took quite a bit of time and energy (not to mention heart and soul) to create.

Still, as excited as I am about seeing this work in print, my work is only beginning…so I now spend hours upon hours reaching out to fine folks who very graciously helped me promote my last book, Burdens Do a Body Good.

I’ve discovered lately that as much as I inwardly groan about having to invest my hours and days spreading the word about One Size Fits All, publishing (even with all its quirks and frustrations) is still the place where I want to be.

One of my favorite authors, Vinita Hampton Wright, said this in her book, The Soul Tells a Story, and I think it fits with what I’ve been hashing over a lot lately.

Spend time today remembering what you loved as a child, before other people told you what was sensible.

What did I love most as a kid?


Always have.
Always will.

In fact, one of my favorite childhood memories is bringing home the quarterly book catalog from school and looking it over trying to decide which books to order. Thankfully, my parents valued reading and gave me a generous amount of money to spend on these wonderful finds.

I suppose (talking to myself here) I’m reminded that every vocation has parts of it that we don’t like…but the question I have to ask myself is this, “Do the benefits outweigh the negatives?”

Every single time, yes.


They send me soaring.


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