No Shortcutting Grief

snowwalkLike everyone else in our country, I’ve felt heaviness of grief and loss and stunning heartache over the senseless killings of these children and adults.

Like most people I know, I’ve been watching the television accounts of what happened and I’ve been reading the online articles hoping for a reason? an explanation? something? anything? to help me understand how a person could walk into an elementary school and just start shooting.

The news didn’t give me any answers.
The online journalists’ timeline accounts didn’t either.

I still felt sick inside.

And to be honest…I just wanted to forget about it.

There was already enough evil in the world before this happened. And now?

I can see why people give up.
I can see why people all over the world blame God in general and guns in particular.

But I also know that we’re right at the start in the grieving process as a country and individually…and no matter how much it hurts, you have get through grief one step at a time.

For me, grieving is lessened (a little) by getting busy with everyday things and looking for ways to make the people around me more comfortable. It’s just a start, I know. But it’s better than being paralyzed into a state of inaction (a place too easy to fall into.)

Right now, I’d like nothing more than a fast shortcut through everything I’m thinking and feeling. But I realize that’s not going to happen. It’s not reality.

So, just for now, today, I’m going to look around see what I can do for those closest to me. That’s about all any of can do. And, just for today, it’s enough.

We all want shortcuts – to happiness, to success, to health, to everything of value. Most shortcuts don’t work. They lead to disappointment and disaster, disillusionment and failure. For the things in life that count the most, there are no lottery winners, no instant riches, no immediate happiness. Jerry White in Making Peace with Reality


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