Pretty Is As Pretty Does

santaclausFor as long as I can remember, I have had this love affair with bread.

Good bread. Homemade bread. From scratch bread.
Warm from the oven.
Slathered with butter.
No half measures skimping on calories or fat here.

Sour dough bread.
Whole grain bread.
Yeast bread.
French bread.

You name it, if it’s in the bread category, I’ll try it at least once.

Just as true, if it’s not wonderful after the first bite, I won’t eat any more of it. If it leaves a bad taste in my mouth, there’s nothing worse to my mind than bad bread.

Because I know what wonderful bread is…I don’t settle for less.

Which makes me wonder about this photo of a Santa Claus made from bread. It sure is pretty. But I have a sneaking suspicion that it wouldn’t taste very good. All those little knots in his beard? Well, they would be hard, dry, brittle, and not at all tender or moist. Yuck.

Same goes with people.

I remember hearing my mom say, “Pretty is as pretty does,” when I was a kid. I recall reading that too. And like many sayings that get passed down through the years, it’s true.

Beauty comes from the inside out. Always. It’s another one of those standards in life (like death and taxes.)

So how can you avoid being deceived by outward appearance in people, products, and promises?

Watch and observe. Pretty is as pretty does.

Take note in an unobtrusive way over time. Eventually, we all give ourselves away about what matters most to us. Our pattern for living will reveal itself by the choices we make each and every day.

Real beauty just gives (and keeps on giving) without considering the cost and it’s so rare that when you see it, you’re stunned by its quiet, gentle power to change the lives it touches. Beautiful.

True service is a lifestyle. It acts from ingrained patterns of living. It springs spontaneously to meet human need. Richard Foster


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