Sweet Music to My Ears

thefirsttoThis past weekend I was reminded that I had neglected to fill my car with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra soundtracks for the reminder of this holiday season yet.

I had forgotten how much I enjoy their music until I heard one of their songs again. Being a symphony go-er (lover), I equally enjoy the beautiful way these skilled musicians can use the same instruments to create completely different types of sounds. Both of which are music to my ears.

I’ve seen the Trans-Siberian Orchestra twice and now realize it makes a world of difference where you go to hear them play. The first time I went, the arena was perfectly suited to this type of performance and everything about it was electric in both listening and viewing pleasure. The second time was a big disappointment because I couldn’t see anything and somehow during that performance, this same ultra-talented group didn’t even sound as good to my ears.

It always amazes me that you can take the same basic instruments, music, people and come up with such a different sound. Sort of like the sound of my own voice…it’s the same voice (instrument) but the tone can sure sound different.

I can easily come up with a different inflection, meaning, and aim for a different effect on my listener; depending on what is on my heart and mind to convey at that moment.

While I have zero musical ability, I love music. All kinds. But the very best kind of music to my ears are the words:

Yes, I forgive you. Let’s forget it ever happened.

Sweet music.
The sweetest sound ever.

I forgive you. That’s the kind of tune to keep you humming all through the day.


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