Sub vs. Counter – Cultural That Is…

Never forget that it takes only one person or one idea to change your life forever. Life’s Little Instructions

Sunday morning I was reminded yet again of the Trinity. Nope, not the faith-based Trinity. Rather, the trinity many Americans live (and die) by these days.


Those three principles got me thinking quite a bit.

But it was the next statement (in the guise of a question) that really got me going.

The poser was this –

Are we as individuals part of a sub-culture or are we counter-cultural…and which is preferable?

I wanted to jump up and raise my hand because I was so sure I knew the answer to this one.

Always, always, always, we want to be counter-cultural because, well, just look around us…I’m not much liking what I see and at the same time I can see how much better it could be.

So, rather than sit idly within my own little sub-culture wringing my hands in woe and regret, I want to become a change agent just like I’ve always encouraged my kids to be.

I’m sure they got sick of hearing me say from the time they were little until…now? that they need to be critical thinkers. Not critical as in judging others, but critical as in using the brains they were given to think before acting and to discipline themselves to see the future repercussions of the choices they make today. Because I’m well aware that if they can achieve those two steps consistently over time…they will become agents of change and influencers without even knowing it.

My friends and I have been discussing a similar principle that goes hand in glove with learning how to successfully live counter-culturally. The formula is simple.

Find someone you respect and admire.
Then find out how they think.

It’s not enough to emulate another’s actions, you have get inside their head and find out how they process information/problems/challenges/struggles and then how they deal with them. When you learn how someone thinks and begin walking yourself through similar mental steps, you change, your actions change, your world of influence will change too.

Who can say it’s way past time to start living as change agents?

Don’t complain if you’re not willing to change (things and yourself.)

Oh, and how does this topic relate to the photo above? It doesn’t. I just liked the photo and I liked the topic and decided to change it up for once by not making sure the two went together. 🙂


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