Portraying Life – Passing Your Passion On

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit our city’s marvelous art museum and view the Manet exhibit. Now, there are several ways to view art.

You can walk into a museum and randomly start looking around.
You can pay for an audio lesson of the same random paintings.
Or, better yet, you can pay to become part of a group where you have an expert lecturing through the exhibit.

Of these three options, and I’ve done all three, the last one is the best.


Whenever you place yourself into the position of a learner or a student you’re bound to learn something. Or…lots of somethings.

Which is why I happily paid the fee to listen in person to this professor lecture through this Manet series.

His knowledge combined with his passion brought these works of art to life for me.

The truth is, I know very little about art. But when I’m walking through a museum with someone guiding me…I’m transported to another time and place. Have you ever experienced that before? It’s a powerful thing for one person to be so skilled at describing a painting…an event…a product…a philosophy that when they start discussing it…you’re right there with them.

I suppose this is exactly the response every writer hopes to attain when they sit down to tell a story (real or not.) But let’s not limit this powerful expression to just the written word.

I’ve felt transported when I’ve been in the OR as an observer as I watched a surgeon operate…it was truly another world to me.

I’ve felt wonder as I’ve watched a young mom caring for her baby…taking me back twenty years to my own child rearing experiences.

I’ve felt amazed and humbled when I see one person reaching out to another in need without hesitation.

We move around our worlds in different ways, but at the core of who we are, we mainly value the same things. And if we’re paying attention, we can tell a lot about what the people in our world value by recognizing what they’re most passionate about.

It’s true that we find our voice and passion through different modes…but we connect when we recognize the sameness in our humanity. In that connectedness, we converge, and at that point, lots of good things start to happen.


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