Recognizing the Inconsequential (and ignoring it)

Last night, I was looking over my to-do list for this week and thought…I’m never going to get all this done. Then, just as I’m feeling overwhelmed (and as a distraction to my overwhelmedness) I decided to check my email. Bad decision.

I figured I would get ahead of the game by answering everything in my inbox right then and there. As it would happen, lots of other folks had the same idea because no sooner had I emptied my inbox and it would refill again.

I decided then and there that tomorrow’s work can wait (first wise choice I made yesterday) so I shut down my computer and went for a walk instead. Followed by a phone call to a friend. A long nap. And two delicious cookies.

And then after I had rested, I had some clarity….

Starting right now.

Instead of sweating over a longish post in the midst of many other looming deadlines, I’m giving you something short and sweet to ponder today (and every day.)

Learn to recognize the inconsequential; then ignore it.


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