Chocolate: Everyone’s Favorite RX

Tomorrow is National Chocolate Day.

As a chocolate fiend, I’m wondering why I never realized we had this particular, but oh so special, Hallmark holiday before?

My daughter mentioned it offhandedly to me yesterday and I thought, “Hmm, really?”

Yes, indeed.

Unlike most of the Hallmark holidays that I try to ignore (or hope they will pass quickly by) this one I just might celebrate.

If you don’t appreciate chocolate, then you might want to move on to the next task because this post is all about the wonders of how wonderful chocolate can make a person feel.

I know there’s a lot been written about the dangers of emotional eating but when it comes to this culinary treat…it’s actually good for you. The dark chocolate, that is.

Here’s some nifty good-to-know facts about the health benefits of indulging in a generous piece of chocolate every day…no guilt, it’s all good.

So say yes to chocolate today because…

Chocolate can reduce risk of stroke
Boosts heart health
Fills you up so you eat less
Increases insulin sensitivity
Protects your skin from UV damage
Can quiet coughs
Boosts your mood
Improves blood flow
Improves vision
May make you smarter

What are you waiting for?

And, check out this cool gourmet chocolate site I found. I’ve never seen such beautiful packaging before (sorry Godiva…yours doesn’t come close.) Imagine giving someone a real box with real chocolate….what a treat!


Chocolate – it does a body good. 🙂


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