Terms of Agreement (and other healthy ways to disagree)

I don’t like arguing (though some who know me might tend to disagree.)

I won’t run from a good debate though.

I think there’s something electrifying about matching wits with another person on topics of interest and importance. I like to wrestle through ideas and principles and concepts. Truth be told, that kind of intellectual exchange invigorates me.

Challenges me to think, think, think and then rethink what I believe and why.

Of course, there are rules of conduct.

No yelling.
No swearing.
No bashing.
No personal attacks.

Rather, both of us stick to the topic at hand and do so with grace and kindness (even if we’re both sitting at polar opposites on an issue.)

I find it strangely ironic (and somewhat untruthful) when a person tells me they never disagree with someone in their life.

Because it’s just not possible.

Two people.
Two sets of ideas/opinions/mindsets.
Two unique worldviews.
Especially true if you’re dealing with two sexes. Especially here.

And it’s all good.

I heard it said once that if two people always agree then one of them is not necessary to the relationship.

So, instead of running from a conversation that might involve some mind-stretching disagreeing, come to terms with this oh-so-necessary part of developing relationships that can go the distance (and make a positive difference in your life and mine.)

Here’s to learning to disagree in such a way that after the last word has been spoken, we think more of each other than before we started.


One thought on “Terms of Agreement (and other healthy ways to disagree)

  1. Michele, I totally agree. 🙂
    Sadly, I’m not always as “kind and gracious” as I intend to be when I feel attacked or that my “opposition” is being narrow and unreasonable. It’s something I’m working on because God doesn’t put conditions on loving-kindness!

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