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Let Me Listen to Your Heart

A beating heart is a marvelous thing.

And for just $5.19 (plus tax) you too can listen to your own heart beat.

Sort of.

As the days draw closer (seven days and counting) to my daughter’s delivery date, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for some gifts (big and small) for Logan to open and enjoy during those early days when he (like everyone else) will be adjusting to a new baby in the house.

So…while shopping yesterday, I ended up down an aisle I normally don’t walk through and spied this cheap but oh so cute little doctor’s kit. I got so excited as I stood there looking at the contents in the plastic case.

Eye Chart
I.D. Card

Somewhere along the line I had one of these when I was a child and I loved it…my guess is that it was probably a cheap plastic conglomeration of little toys too…but it must have made some impression on me.

As I studied the contents of Logan’s doctor kit, I was reminded of a snippet of a scene from an action movie where the father (a physician) kneels down in front of his son and holds his stethoscope to his son’s heart and lets the boy listen to the thump, thump, thump. It was a magical moment.

To be honest, I’m hoping for the same reaction with Logan. I’m going to put the little earplugs in his ears and position the stethoscope over his heart and then, because it’s not a real instrument, I’ll provide the sound effects myself. Sounds effects I can do.

I can’t wait to see his reaction.

Then, I’ll talk to him about how the heart is the lifeblood of the body, explaining how the heart is this magnificent machine that pumps blood through our bodies…keeping us alive.

I don’t think it’s ever too early to begin discussing matters of the heart with the people we love and how the heart literally steers our steps and directs our lives, so guarding it is essential.

Maybe…eventually…I’ll get my hands on a real stethoscope…and then will Logan’s eyes really pop. 🙂


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