If You Don’t Stand for Something (You’ll Fall for Anything)

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year (and this photo helps describe why.)

The colors.
The cooler, crisp air.
The smells of fragrant candles burning in my kitchen.
The taste of everything cinnamon and spice.
The crunch of leaves under my feet when I walk into our woods.
Not to forget: sweater-weather!

Some of my best memories have happened in the fall and I try to make these moments count before the rush of the holiday season starts.

So take a few moments with me and drink in the beauty of this photo and give thanks for the natural wonder that surrounds us.

While you’re at it, how about giving thanks for being an American too?

At a time when every person I know is sick to death of political commercials and ongoing media assaults (when we seem to be fighting each other more than fighting for what America stands for…) I’d like to share an excerpt from Dinesh D’Souza’s fine work, What’s So Great About America, here.

D’Souza offers a thoughtful response to America’s critics worldwide (and as a reminder to every American to stand united despite our party line differences.)

Critics aim their assault on America’s greatest weakness: her lack of moral self-confidence. Americans cannot effectively fight a war without believing that it is a just war. That’s why America has only lost once, in Vietnam, and that was because most Americans did not know what they were fighting for. The enemies of America understand this vulnerability. At the deepest level their assault is moral: they seek to destroy America’s belief in herself, knowing that if this happens, America is finished. By the same token, when Americans rally behind a good cause, as in World War II, they are invincible. The outcome of America’s engagements abroad is usually determined by a single factor: America’s will to prevail. In order to win, Americans need to believe that they are on the side of the angels. The good news is that they usually are.

My hope is that every American, despite the onslaught of media abuse, will continue to recognize and value our right to vote in November; realizing that every one of us has to stand for America, for the Constitution, upholding our freedoms, or to the great delight of our enemies, America will eventually implode, falter and fall.


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