Why It Is Better to Give Than Loan

Money changes people.

Money changes things between people.

Money sometimes (oftentimes) costs too much.

Which is why, I think it’s better to give than loan…money.

If you can afford to do so, that is.

When you give someone a loan, they become in debt to…you.

They don’t just owe you a lump sum…they owe you.

And believe me, they feel it.

They think about it every time they spend money on something other than paying you back (if they have a conscience, that is…)

They feel a sense of being subservient to you and your preferences, enslaved might even be a good word to describe the emotional response to owing someone money.

Once they pay it back…freedom.

Then and only then does the relationship get back on even footing.

How do I know this?

I’ve been in both positions.

I’ve been the borrower and the lender.

And, in all honesty, I don’t like either one (but it sure is fun to give!)

It’s never fun to owe someone money.

It’s never fun to remember that someone owes you money (especially when you could use it) and they don’t pay you back.

I’d much rather make that loan a gift and then put it completely out of my mind and memory and move on.

Otherwise, it can end up costing you a friendship at the worst; or a strained relationship at the best.

The only exceptions to this principle is between family members.

I have loaned my kids money (and done so happily) and I’ve borrowed money from my parents (and done so thankfully.)

And I’ve expected my children to repay the loans (because it builds their character and sense of responsibility toward money) and I’ve repaid my parents (because I said I would.)

But in the general scheme of life, I maintain that the giving/lending of money should be given rather than loaned…because sometimes (oftentimes) money just costs too much.

Do you agree?


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