Bringing a Private Battle to the Public – Denise’s Breast Cancer Story

I sat waiting in a doctor’s office this week and did something I never do…looked around for the latest issue of a woman’s magazine.

Ladies Home Journal, October 2012, to be exact.


Because in an amazing turn of seemingly incidental (at the time) events, my dear friend, Denise McCroskey, who now blogs about her breast cancer journey, tells her story on pages 124-126 of this issue.

How often is it that someone you love is featured in a national women’s publication and their story is displayed for millions to read and learn from?


Ever since my good friend Denise was diagnosed with breast cancer last year she’s been blogging about her experience…and doing a fantastic job of detailing the highs/lows and every emotion/fear/setback/triumph in between.

I read her accounts of whatever aspect of the breast cancer fight she’s feeling especially passionate about sharing and consistently think to myself…so our small bookclub was right after all….Denise is a writer like the rest of us…she just didn’t know it yet!

Second, I have an intellectual/educational response because Denise is informing readers with an insider’s look at the various procedures/processes/treatments/side-effects of cancer treatment from a real woman’s perspective…not simply a clinical one.

Third, because I love Denise dearly, my emotions seem to run riot whenever I read her accounts and that means some tears fall with each and every story she shares.

Finally, by the end of her storytelling/account giving…I feel a burst of pride that this amazing and courageous woman is my friend and she’s committed to helping educate/encourage other women across our country…while she’s still in the battle.


So, if you’re out running errands or will be sitting in a waiting room this week, please do buy/borrow and then read Denise’s story in Ladies Home Journal…oh, and have a tissue handy.


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