Weighing In On the Wheat Controversy

I don’t know about you but I get weary of hearing this phrase, “New scientific evidence shows…reveals…proves….”

Whatever. (And whenever I say whatever I’m not suddenly demonstrating an attitude of anything goes, easy-breezy, everything’s just fine with me.)

What I’m really saying is… “I give up. Do it your way because clearly I have no say in the matter.”

So when someone told me about the newest health book rising to the top of the charts, I was a tad skeptical. Then a good friend told me she was reading it and shared how much she was discovering about the history of wheat/its genetic engineering/and how wheat today isn’t really “wheat” in the truest definition anymore. That got my attention.

The rest is history. I got the book and felt slammed with medical/chemical/biological information from the first page onward. Mind you, I’m not a medically trained person, so I have to carefully wade through technical info like this book holds or I fail to grasp everything the author is attempting to communicate.

That said, I finished the book over the weekend and then promptly ordered two copies (one for myself and another to pass around to people I love dearly.) If you haven’t heard of this book yet, it’s called, Wheat Belly, and I recommend that you run, don’t walk to order it. Filled with lots of scientific data/case studies/clinical tests that support the author’s premise that our current day wheat (because it has been genetically altered) does us more harm than good.

The author, who is a cardiologist, described countless illnesses/conditions that result from eating our modern day wheat bread and other products with wheat as a partial ingredient.

For sure, it sounds blasphemous to stop eating wheat (because it’s supposed to be healthy, right?)

I’ll let you decide after you read Wheat Belly for yourself.

I’m on day eight of being completely wheat-free and committed to staying that way for as long as I can (or until someone can prove this doctor wrong…which in our county could be next week.) Whatever.


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