No Easy Day

I just started reading, No Easy Day: The Autobiography of a Navy Seal, and as a reviewer I’ve adopted two habits before I begin reading any book.

I check out the back matter by thumbing through the last pages of the book. The appendix, source page, author bios, and whatever else ends up there. Why? Because I’ve found that I can tell a lot about the book’s content and the philosophy of the author by where he gets his information, those he decides to quote from, and by looking at his personal history.

Second, I look to see how the book begins by reading the opening quotes, the author’s notes and the acknowledgements. Again, you can tell a lot about a person by who they value enough (and why) to thank and what brief quotation or statement they select as the main premise for writing the book.

Mark Owen begins No Easy Day with this quote.

The only easy day was yesterday. Navy Seal Philosophy

Followed by –

Long live the Brotherhood.

Right then and there he had me hooked.


Because in all honesty, I could have written that line. And if I’m correct, so could you.

Life is hard.
Every single day is difficult.
There are no easy days.

I think once we accept this truth about life, we are far less apt to grow jaded, discouraged, depressed, or defeated.

For myself, once I adopted the mindset that life is a war zone of intersecting good/evil, it made sense to me why I often felt like I was living in the middle of it.

Because I am.
You are.
There’s no escaping it

And if you don’t believe me, listen to the nightly news, turn on the radio, or read the daily newspaper. Any television station, any radio frequency, any paper. Any day. Never easy.

The only peace we come by on this planet is the peace we find inside.

Even that doesn’t come easy.

Someone or something is always trying to steal it away from us.

But more than anything else, peace is the highest prize, the truest winning, the timeless treasure, because no one or nothing can take it from us (no matter how hard they try.)

Here’s to resting deeply in the peace that passes all understanding today and every day.

Easy day not withstanding.


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