The Gift of Left-Handedness in a Right-Handed World

I’ve been thinking lately about the little person in this photo and wondering what he will be like.

Will he be a lot like his older brother? Or a complete opposite? Someone who leans heavily toward sports? music? reading? an extrovert or an introvert?

Will he be left-handed or right?

Secretly, I’m hoping for another leftie because the world needs more of us.

In a world where only one out of every ten persons is left-handed…I’m generally in the minority.

But not in my family.

Both of my grandfathers were left-handed.
Both of my uncles were left-handed.
Both of my aunts claim left-handedness until their teachers forced them to use their right hands.
Two of my cousins are left-handed.
My nephew is left-handed.
My brother is left-handed.
So am I.

I’m wondering how strong a familial connection there is toward left-handedness?

Or hard headedness? (but let’s not go there…)

It’s never bothered me to be left-handed even though most of the world is geared toward righties.

I learned to adapt (which is possibly the most important skill of all in our ever-changing crazy world of technology.) Still, facts are facts and sometimes being left-handed has its advantages as well as disadvantages. shares some interesting facts about us lefties. See if you’ve ever heard of them.


►► Left-handed people may have very good visual and imaginary skills.
►► They may possibly be more intelligent as compared to their right-handed counterparts.
►► Some surveys suggest that, more number of artists, musicians and all those in creative fields are predominantly lefties.
►► Left-handed people could have a lesser risk of developing arthritis.
►► There is a possibility that, left-handed persons could recover faster from heart strokes than the righties.
►► They may have a better advantage in the field of sports.
►► They could be better multitaskers.


►► Left-handers may be more prone to problems associated with reading.
►► They may not be as good in phonology (the sound system of languages) tasks, as their right-handed counterparts.
►► Their writing could lead to smudginess while writing the left-to-right languages. However, they fare pretty well with right-to-left languages like the Hebrew and Arabic.
►► They may have shorter adult height and lower weight.
►► Left-handed women may experience puberty at a later stage.
►► Left-handedness may cause shorter life expectancy.
►► They may have an increased risk of some neurological and immunological disorders.
►► Lefties may face a problem with handshakes, as we traditionally use the right hand for handshakes.

Amusing Facts

►► Left-handedness is more common among twins. It is often found that one among the twins is going to be left-handed, and the other one will be right-handed.
►► While drawing figures, most left-handers tend to draw the images, facing to the right.
►► Dyslexia is likely to develop in a left-handed person, if he is forced to use his right hand instead of the left one.
►► Those who are left-handed have a natural tendency to chew their food on the left side, and the right-handed people mostly use their right side.
►► Lefties find it slightly difficult to buckle up the chin-strap of their bike helmet.
►► Trousers with only one back pocket, are generally on the right side, thereby making it tedious for the lefties to use their wrong hand.
►► One in four astronauts of the Apollo mission were left-handers.
►► The British royal family consists of many lefties, which include the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, and Prince William.
►► Every left-handed person among the Eskimos is considered to be a magician or a sorcerer.


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