Defining Deployment: Stepping Up When the Order Comes

According to the Free Dictionary (interesting, eh?) deploy is defined in several ways.

de·ploy (d-ploi)
v. de·ployed, de·ploy·ing, de·ploys
a. To position (troops) in readiness for combat, as along a front or line.
b. To bring (forces or material) into action.
c. To base (a weapons system) in the field.
2. To distribute (persons or forces) systematically or strategically.
3. To put into use or action

In the last few weeks the topic of deployment has been coming up time and time again.

My daughter’s friend is soon to be deployed to Afghanistan.
Another friend’s son in law recently came back from Iraq.
I just completed a lengthy read that dealt with all the nitty grittys of deployment from both perspectives (the soldier leaving home and the family being left behind.)

I started thinking about all the pressures, stresses, worries, and repercussions of loving someone who is leaving the safety of the U.S. to serve our country. Next, I began contemplating how that same decision impacts everyone who says goodbye and stays behind.

Then, I realized that whichever position you find yourself, you have a job to do, a mission to accomplish, a duty to fulfill.

And it won’t be easy.

I’m still wrapping my mind around it all but I have this sneaking suspicion that the upcoming weeks and months will be filled with lots of learn as we go moments.

Maybe that’s best. Too much, too soon, easily overwhelms.

Better to live fully and well each day, one day at a time.


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