When Less is More (except in the case of hope)

It’s Friday morning and I’m getting ready to watch a film about our current president. Inside, I admit I’m hesitant because people who have already seen this movie say it is frightening in its implications.

Not exactly the feeling I’m going for at the beginning of a holiday weekend.

And yet.

I always preach it to my kids that it’s better (and easier in the long run) knowing than not knowing where we stand (or our country stands) than playing ignorant. But beyond gaining information, I’m all for getting prepared, doing what we can, and praying in specifics not generalities.

Whenever I’ve had to face something scary, it helps me immensely to become an information gatherer, prepare as I’m able, and then sit down and lay out all my fears/concerns to the One who hears and faithfully answers.

Without fail, I grow more hopeful, not less. (Not because I necessarily get what I pray for, but because I’ve handed my fears off.)

At a time in our country’s history when so much of what we’ve taken for granted has been tipped upside down and inside out…I lean heavily on the hope that it’s not too late to set a different and better course for every one of us.

Here’s a short excerpt from David Jeremiah’s essay, When Less Is More, that I happened upon this morning.

Less plays a significant role in our lives. On the one hand, it’s good to be fearless, ceaseless, ageless, cordless, errorless, guiltless, painless, and odorless. On the other hand, we don’t want to be jobless, friendless, homeless, penniless, fruitless, shiftless, spineless, aimless, careless, feckless, or lifeless – especially lifeless! But of all the things we don’t want to have less of, none is so important as hope. We definitely need to have less hopelessness.

And hope is derived from an unlikely source: tribulations. “Tribulations produce perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint. Romans 5:3-5

So while I’m good with the whole “less is more” concept in general, in regard to hope, I’m a more is better kind of gal because I know one thing for sure; more hope = less disappointment.


One thought on “When Less is More (except in the case of hope)

  1. Thanks Michele. Right now I need less body fat, a less demanding schedule and less desire to eat chocolate…but I know I’m going to be disappointed in those outcomes. I, along with every other living breathing human, need and want more hope. If anyone reaches their hope-saturation point, I’d love to meet them and find out what prescription medication they’re taking. 🙂

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