Back to the School of Life (where the learning curve never ends)

Today marks the first day of the back to school rush here at my home.

Before I know it, I’ll be watching that big yellow school bus drive by every morning. I’ll also be getting up much earlier than I have since early June (two hours earlier) and when that annoying sing-song-y alarm goes off, my heart always skips a beat.

Then the morning routine takes over.

Make coffee.
Make family breakfast.
Give family their lunches.
Say good-bye to family.
Tackle my own never-ending to-do list

After so many years of this familiar routine, I can function through much of it without a second thought.

Routine can be a good thing.

It helps us stay on task without exerting lots of wasted energy.
It builds healthy parameters around our lives.

Routine can also be the very thing that kills you.

It makes bad habits so easy to keep indulging in.
It can put people into an endless stupor so that they aren’t even participating in their own life anymore.

And that can happen to any of us or all of us.

There’s something about getting that dreaded phone call/email/text/conversation and having to deal with the very last thing you ever hoped/expected/wanted to happen to you/your family/friends/colleagues that makes us all sit up and take notice.

It’s simply called the school of life…the one place where the learning curve never ends. Nor should it.

I never make New Year’s resolutions.

I do, however, set a few new goals at the beginning of every school year.

In order for it to be a legitimate goal means aiming for something I have failed at in the past, haven’t yet had the guts to try, or get nervous just thinking about doing.

This is my week to set the goals, put them on paper, and start planning on making them a part of my life (and I have a love/hate relationship with it every single time because I’m half terrified, half excited about what could happen this year if I put my heart into making these next twelve months transformational ones.)

For me, setting goals feels just like the first day of school and I have to decide for myself if I’m willing to go through the uncomfortable to reach someplace better (inside myself.)

Getting on or getting off?


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