Understanding Women – Good Luck with That

When I saw this photo yesterday, I smiled. I took a second look. And a third. I smiled again.

Then I did something I rarely do on FB, I shared it on my wall.

The reaction was immediate and colorful and full of good-hearted fun.

It was also true.

If we’re all honest, I doubt there’s a woman alive whose words/actions/attitudes haven’t caused the men in their lives to walk away shaking their heads in confusion/amazement/frustration.

I’ll be the first to own up to this. It’s happened to me more times than I can count.

Sometimes, when I’m feeling particularly (mid-life-ish-ly) emotional…I can get hurt feelings when the people (male and female) in my life don’t get it (or me.)

I already feel like something’s going haywire inside my head…the last thing I need is some guy with a missing chromosome shaking his head at me for goodness sake.

At those unpredictable hormonal intersections of life…I really just want to be patted on the shoulder (gently) and reassured that everything will be okay.

Oh…and a piece of dark chocolate wouldn’t hurt either.

So imagine how touched I was this morning when one of my wonderful sons-in-law told me that he trusted my judgment.

I felt like crying (happy tears)…I mean, there are moments, hours, days even, in the past year when I don’t trust my own judgment…but it sure felt good that someone else (whom I respect and love) still does.

For just today I’m not going to make the attempt at figuring out my volatile emotions…I’m going to go easy on myself and possibly even treat myself to a full-blown “jammy” day…more details on that delightful concept another day (thanks Denise!)

All you men out there, win some big points with the women in your life today and just smile sweetly (pretending you understand them) and touch them in a reassuring way and then very quickly now (we don’t want anyone losing a hand here) reach out with a bar of fine chocolate and drop it into your favorite female’s hand.

You might just make it out alive. Maybe.


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