Doggone Cats! Honestly

Yesterday afternoon one of my daughters called me to the kitchen window to see what our two remaining kittens (from our latest batch of prolific felines) were up to…no good.

I think it’s common knowledge that I struggle mightily with growing flowers, but honestly now, when the kittens decide to make their resting spot in one of my flower pots, it’s going too far.

I’ve just added yet another reason why my garden won’t grow.

The truth is they’re cute (when they’re little.)
They’re funny (when they’re little.)
They’re amusing (when they’re little.)

But to my mind that all changes when kittens grow into cats and their independent spirit takes over and they could care less about the “house rules” that our dogs follow.

Which brings me to the parallel between dogs/cats and kids.

I recently read a poll from and these values are what parents wanted their kids to emulate most as they grow up. The results surprised me.

54 percent: Kindness/compassion
22 percent: Responsibility
10 percent: Respect
8 percent: Honesty
4 percent: Other
2 percent: Tolerance

I’m all for kindness/compassion and encourage it still in my now adult children (and remind myself countless times a day to respond/react with both.)

Remember now, that what we view as funny in small children, we find intolerable in adults.

Take a look at this poll from the downside up for a moment.

The majority of parents place more importance on rearing children who are kind rather than responsible, respectful, and honest. Really?

So they’re saying in essence that kindness matters more (to them) than if their kids take responsibility for their actions; demonstrate respect to authorities (and everyone else); and are truth-tellers.

If I could rearrange this list, I’d put honesty first and foremost because without honesty (with ourselves) and others nothing else matters a whole lot.

It’s only when I’m brutally honest with myself about my heart motives that I make good choices. Otherwise, I can easily slip into deceiving myself into thinking I’m far more unselfish than I really am.

Yes, I like that old saying, “Honesty is the best policy.”


It just is.

Just wondering, if you could list your top three values (for yourself and your kids) what would they be?


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