One Size Fits All (and other publishing nonsense)

Ali Anne Photography
Yesterday I was reading an article that ran in FORBES magazine about the most effective ways to market a newly published book in this increasingly unstable publishing world.

It contained the usual information to utilize social media to the fullest, tell readers what they gain by reading your book, plan periodic giveaways, etc. What struck my attention was this author’s closing remarks on using a book (even a self-published one) to create a stir of excitement about you and your business so that you’ll earn scads of money on a speaking circuit.

I get the logic behind the advice…the problem is this…most of the writers I know and love…love to write and speaking is a far off distant second.

I’m right there with this majority.

The fact is there are writers who speak because they are now compelled to do so by the pressure inflicted upon them by the publishing world.

And there are speakers who write because a book is a nice add-on to their business.

How I dream about the days when writers could simply write and speakers could simply speak without the additional pressure to push into areas they aren’t interested in pursuing (and are not as equally gifted).

Despite what the publishing professionals promote, there is no One Size Fits All marketing plan that works for everyone.

Everyone has their limits.
I know I have mine.

I’m happy to write, promote, do radio/tv…but I refuse to get on a plane every weekend to speak so I can sell.

I know myself well enough and if it ever comes to that…then I will stop writing for good.

Thankfully…that day hasn’t yet arrived. So until then, I’m pleased to share with you the back cover copy of my newest book, One Size Fits All: Making Healthy Choices, Stepping Into a Meaningful Life, to be released in late September.

Celebrate with me that at least for this season, I can continue to write while enjoying a life that doesn’t include stepping onto a plane on a regular basis.

In One Size Fits All, you will discover that much of life and health is about making good choices. What we say yes to, as well as what we say no to, matters in our everyday decisions. Information, no matter how valuable, remains worthless unless we grab hold of its principles and put them to use in our lives. Each one of us determines the quality of life as it pertains to our health. Throughout every chapter of One Size Fits All, discover how much influence you have over your life despite periodic seasons of setback, illness, or injury. As you read, you will learn how every individual’s unique lifestyle plan includes making meaningful choices to build a healthy life. One Size Fits All provides comprehensive prescriptions for life that will encourage, strengthen, and fortify you to be your healthy best: mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.


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