Text Killers and Other Communication Blunders

Do you know what a text killer is?

Me either.

According to the Urban Dictionary a text killer can be defined as follows:

Phrases and words such as “lol yeah” and “haha ok” that are guaranteed to kill any text conversation, to end the texting.”


Guy 1: I was going to ask Samantha out, but after my opening joke, she texted back, “haha ok”
Guy 2: Text killer. Bummer, dude.

Okay…so if replying to a joke with “lol yeah” or “haha ok” is a text killer, then I’m in real trouble.

True confessions…I really must not have all the typical female genes because I’ve already made it clear that I hate shopping…and I’m not too keen on talking on the phone either. I’m more of an all business type phone person and would much rather talk to a real live person, well, in person.

So for me, personally, I love texting.

It’s the kind of communicating that gets the job done fast and efficiently and to the point.

In fact, I thought that was the point of texting…supplying the facts succinctly and quickly.

So now there’s a whole volume of texting etiquette I have to follow too?

Head shaking.
Rolling of the eyes

I’m all for taking advantage of the newest technology when it makes life easier…what I’m not for is having to read a manual every time something new comes along. Like — texting etiquette?

So, I’m not going to stop texting “lol” or “yeah” or “haha” or even “ok“…to my way of thinking each of these simple words says exactly what I’m trying to say (in ten seconds or less.)

And if I need more words to explain what I’m trying to convey (and the message is important enough) then I’ll remove any chance of committing these unforgivable communication blunders by calling to set up an appointment for a real live conversation.

Which is the only type of communicating I consider of value anyway.

Me looking at you.
You looking at me.
Both of us communicating together


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